We have a multi-purpose sports hall that can be transformed to accommodate all manner of sports from badminton to basketball, tennis to volleyball, and more.

Whether you’re a complete beginner and in need of lessons, a regular player just looking to hire a court, or if you want to take your sport to the next level by joining a local club, our sports hall and multi-purpose courts can accommodate you.

Don’t have the gear? Never fear, we hold a limited range of racquets and balls, that can be borrowed from reception.


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Whether you like to play competitively or prefer to stick to a casual rally, a game of Badminton will have you leaping, lunging, twisting, turning and stretching around the court in no time as you chase after the shuttlecock. Officially the world’s fastest racquet sport, it is easy to pick up and great fun for 2 or 4 players and our centre staff will set up the net on the court ready, so you can just walk in and start playing. 

Not sure how to play? Read this How to Play Badminton guide.

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If you love badminton or are keen to improve your skills while you play, then why not join one of our social pay and play sessions?
We have Badminton for All 8-9pm on Monday evenings which is open to everyone aged 11+ and attracts a great multi generational mix with families, and friends, old and new, playing against each other across 4 courts. £3 Per session
Saturday afternoons we have a 90minute Badminton for Adults session, for 16+ only, 1:30-3pm £3.50 per session.
Get tips and advice from other players in this friendly and fun session. You can book through the Club right app or just turn up and pay at the desk.
Racquets and shuttlecocks are available at reception.

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60min half court

Got a group and want to work off some energy? Then try a game of volleyball. Played by two teams, usually of six players on each side, this fun team sport will have you batting the ball back and forth over the net as you try to prevent the ball from touching your side of the court. Energetic, good fun and excellent for all-round cardio exercise, you will need to work tactically as a team to defeat your opponents. The court will be set up for you by our centre staff.

Not sure how to play? Read this How to Play Volleyball guide.

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60 min half court / 60 min full court

There have been some epic ballers out there over the years of NBA basketball, so if you have been inspired to shoot some casual hoops, play some 1-on-1 or even set up a full-blown game, then why not book a basketball court with us? Fast paced, high energy and quite frankly very cool, we can offer a half court hire or a full court hire to suit your stamina. Now is definitely the time to unleash your Michael (Jordan), Giannis (Antetokounmpo) or Diana (Taurasi). Basketball hoops will be set up by the centre staff for court bookings.

Not sure how to play? Read this How to Play Basketball guide.

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60 min full court

A fast paced team ball sport derived from basketball and developed in England in 1890’s initially for women, Netball is played by two teams of seven players each. Whether you are a regular club player in need of practice time, or if you just want to reminisce with some of your P.E. pals, why not put your strategic thinking and teamwork to the test with a hi-energy game of netball?

Not sure how to play? Read this How to Play Netball guide.

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Junior Netball

On Tuesdays we run coached training sessions for players age 9-11 and 12-14 to build their netball skills and, if they want to, represent Wadebridge in the Cornwall Netball League (Saturday matches played at the Ben Ainslie Centre in Truro).

Sessions currently bookable on a PAYG basis (£3)

Be part of the next generation of Wadebridge Netball.

Tuesday 5pm-5:45pm age9 - rising11s (school years 4-6)

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Tuesday 5:45-6:30pm rising12 - rising14s* (school years 7-9)

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*Players aged 14+ may want to approach the senior club Wadebridge Netball who train and play with us from 6:30pm on Tuesdays


60 min half court / 60 min full court

Fancy a kick-about with your mates? Keen to start a regular 5-a-side indoor group? Want to have a go at walking football?  If you're passionate about ‘the game’ then why not round up some friends, colleagues or family members and book our indoor football court for some exercise and camaraderie.

Not sure how to play? Read this How to Play Football guide.

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