Equality Diversity and Inclusion as a Business Objective

In moving Wadebridge Sports and Leisure Centre to a community owned facility and service it was identified that there was a very clear business objective to address barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion so as to grow our membership and the workforce needed to serve them in a sustainable way valued by our whole community. FOWLC Community Interest Community was established with the following vision:‘Passionate about the power of sport! Inspiring everyone in Wadebridge to be more active and healthy’

One of our core values is inclusivity, recognising the barriers, physical, financial, social and financial which may prevent individuals or groups from being able to access the benefits of active wellbeing in Wadebridge and the surrounding parishes.

Another core value of the CIC is partnership and with that a recognition of the need to engage with partners across sports, education, health and the voluntary sector to support our proactive approach to tackling inequalities in access and outcomes locally.

Statement of intent

  • FOWLC Community Interest Company (The CIC) is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and tackling inequalities in access and outcomes related to sports and leisure
  • The CIC condemns discrimination and racism in all forms. We recognise the presence of systemic inequality, discrimination and racism within our society and understand the role we can play to acknowledge and address it as part of our work in the Wadebridge and Padstow area.
  • Our core work is to provide accessible and inclusive sports and leisure facilities and services for our local community as a whole
  • We have identified three ways to deliver on these commitments of equality, diversity and inclusion as an organisation: working with our members, engaging with our partners in local schools, healthcare and sports, and educating ourselves as an organisation.
  • We actively encourage awareness around equality, diversity and inclusion, and utilise our local networks to engage with and include organisations that represent marginalised or under-represented groups in our work.
  • As an employer, we actively encourage our employees to seek out learning opportunities relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. Staff are encouraged to share this learning within the team to support organisation-wide learning and growth. We are committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment with the CIC, including the recruitment, training and development of employees.