Environment and Sustainability Policy and Continuous Improvement Plan


A commitment to the environment and sustainability at the centre was core to the FOWLC Community Interest Company bid to save the centre from closure and to the long term vision and values in operating the centre. Maintaining the centre has removed the need for increased travel miles that would have seen many of our local members, clubs and schools taking the 18 mile round trip to the next closest facility in Bodmin.

The building dates back to 1989 with the pool a later addition opening in 1992 to a good standard for environmental policies in place at the time. Things have progressed significantly over the last 35 years and the building is no longer considered to meet current expectations around environmental sustainability. However during that time a number of retrospective improvements have been made to the centre such as the
addition of PV panels for generating some of the electricity needed on site and installation of thermal insulating pool covers reducing loss of heat.

On taking over the site we commissioned a report by industry experts Leisure Energy which identified the following areas that could be improved upon for environmental sustainability.

Policy Statement

The Board of FOWLC Community Interest Company (the CIC) is committed to protecting the environment, fulfilling our legal environmental obligations, and continually improving our Environmental Management System.

We will do this by:

  1. Using the Leisure Energy Report as a guide to initial allocation of capital investment grants
  2. Making the reduction of our carbon footprint a core aim in the business planning process
  3. Undertaking an annual assessment of our environmental impact through energy consumption through the Display Energy Certification process
  4. Displaying current Energy Certificates within public spaces to positively promote energy consumption awareness.
  5. Measuring our environmental impact through the management of water and waste on an annual basis using the 2022/23 period as a baseline from which to improve and share with customers
  6. Producing and regularly updating an annual Environmental Action Plan.
  7. Conducting annual internal Environmental Audits.
  8. Achieving QUEST accreditation for Environmental Management and seeking to improve our assessment outcome in this area year on year
  9. Taking a Board level review of the environmental impact of the centre annually and committing capital funds to the reduction of this impact in the annual business planning process
  10. Considering the environmental impact of the end to end supply chain in the procurement and contract management process
  11. Purchasing energy at the most cost-effective price by using an energy broker and using a flexible procurement process for purchasing gas.
  12. Appointing Environmental Champions at the centre and empowering them to identify and implement procedures to improve our environmental management of the Centre
  13. Ensuring Environmental Management is incorporated into the staff induction process and refreshed at least annually
  14. Monitoring the pattern of energy and water usage on a monthly basis and sharing this with staff and customers with a view to making reductions in usage wherever possible.
  15. Promoting our environmental initiatives to our customers.
  16. Limiting the sale of products with single use plastic packaging and seek to reduce the use of paper and plastic products where digital alternatives are available
  17. Keeping abreast of new energy efficiency technologies and processes and utilising these wherever possible by benchmarking with other organisations in the leisure industry and wider local economy
  18. Purchasing energy-efficient plant and equipment where practical.
  19. Where practicable, recruit specialist contractors to help improve the use of all environmental control panels.
  20. Closely monitor waste production and appropriate recycling options utilised where possible to reduce landfill.